Wonderful Vienna

Long time no post! Life got in the way for the last few months but we’re finally catching up with our writing and we just had to share with you our lovely trip to Vienna from August.

Firstly, because I was completely surprised by the (veggie) food scene. It was the first time in a while when I was not only always full and could not fault any of the dishes we tried. Secondly, because we paid £0.04 for our flights from London. Yes, you read that right – that’s 1 pence per person per flight! We found out about them from Jack’s Flight Club where if you sign up you can receive great deals on plane tickets to worldwide destinations. Some deals are better than others – one time we saw a return flight from Paris to São Paulo for £64 – but they regularly have some of the best bargains we’ve ever come across – and trust me I spend a lot of time looking for good deals. We’ve been recommending them to all our friends.

Anyway back to Vienna: we went for a long weekend and we booked Motel One Vienna-Staatsoper which is centrally located and was very good value for money. The minute we checked into our hotel it started pouring with rain so we didn’t do much on our first evening. We went for dinner at Veggiez where we had delicious burgers. It is a pretty popular place and we had to wait a bit so maybe it isn’t the best place to go if you’re really hungry or in a rush. Once the rain settled we went for a walk around the city centre and it was simply magical! Vienna is absolutely gorgeous at night, the beautiful way in which the buildings are lit and the lively atmosphere makes it a great time to explore. We stopped for cake at Gerstner K. u. K. Hofzuckerbäcker and if you like rich chocolate cakes you are in for a treat! You may want to share as the slices are generous.

On our first full day we went to Josep Brot (Furrigasse branch) where we had such a delicious brunch that we came back the next morning too.

Afterwards we headed off to Schonbrunn Castle where we spent a few hours learning and exploring. We booked the Grand Tour but be warned that it involves quite a bit of walking so I would say that the even shorter one might be a better option.

Dazed by all the opulence we went out for some fresh air and lovely views of the city. We walked thorough the gardens and towards Landtmann’s Parkcafe for a cup of coffee and the obligatory Apple strudel.

After a bit more strolling around, laying on the grass in the sun and just observing our surroundings we headed back to the metro station and the city centre. We stopped for lunch and a beer in NaschmarktAs some of you may know by now we are big fans of food markets and we try to visit one everywhere we go and Vienna certainly didn’t disappoint. There are plenty of shops with food from all over the world, sweets and all kinds of souvenirs and many restaurants to choose from. I have to say the veggie choice wasn’t amazing there but I did have a good falafel at a very decent price. He went for the traditional wurst.

As I’m writing I realise we don’t actually have pictures with the food which I guess proves how delicious it was and that we were enjoying ourselves so much that we completely forgot to take any pictures!

After lunch we wandered through the streets and we let ourselves be amazed by majestic buildings like the City Hall (Rathaus). There was so much going on and so many people gathered it was the best place to spend a couple of hours. On one side of the City Hall they were preparing for the summer film festival and in the park they were screening classical music concerts.

We sat on a bench and listened to the music and observed everyone in the park and after a while we got up and went towards Burgtheater.

After all that walking we were famished and we stumbled across KitchA – Sticks & Rolls where we were pleasantly surprised by two hearty bowls of ramen and some veggie gyozas. We ended the night with ice cream from Eissalon Tuchlauben and it was so good I would have gone for seconds if I wasn’t so full already!

On our very last day, after a relaxed breakfast at our favourite spot we wandered around the city centre for one last time.

Back to St. Stephen’s Cathedral to take in all the majesty of it.

..and St. Peter’s Church

We had a couple of other things planned that we didn’t get around to so we might just have to come back and go on a tour with Meet a Greeter, go to an evening concert and of course try the rest of the cafes we missed this time around.

We’d love to hear your stories from Vienna!



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  1. Sounds like a fun trip and you can’t really go wrong for £0.04! Sadly I only had a day in Vienna which wasn’t anywhere near long enough but it’s a stunning city.

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