Magnificent Ronda & Seville

Last year I was swept off my feet to a surprise city break. I didn’t know where we were going until we actually arrived and I would have never guessed (and believe me I tried countless times). We landed in Malaga and from there drove on one of the most scenic roads towards our dreamy destination.



When I think of our days in Ronda I remember the smell of cinnamon and freshly baked pastries. I’m not sure if it was coming from the charming coffee shops or if I was just imagining but what I am certain of is that Ronda is bohemian little place where life was moving in sweet slow-motion.

We happily adapted to the new pace and strolled down enchanting pebbled streets regularly stopping to take pictures.



We walked past coffee and ice cream shops, most of which were closed at that time for the siesta.


Arrived in one gorgeous plaza…


and then another (Plaza Duquesa de Parcent)


Up on the hill to take in more of the views.


Of course the main attraction in Ronda is the El Tajo gorge and the Puente Nuevo (New Bridge) which we explored from every angle and at different times of the day.



After a couple of relaxed days in Ronda we ventured towards Seville to other stunning pebbled plazas such as Plaza del Triunfo with Catedral de Sevilla (Seville Cathedral).


We didn’t go up the Giralda, instead we lazily sat on one of the benches and watched people go by. Sadly we didn’t have time to visit Alcázar but I’ve heard it’s amazing and I guess the endless queues to get in were  proof of this.

Once rested we got up again and continued our walk towards the river past the many orange trees.


We strolled on the bank of Guadalquivir, starting at Torre del Oro and towards Puente de Triana.


With the music pumping in our ears we walked back to La Casa del Flamenco where we already had tickets to a flamenco show. It was absolutely breathtaking and I can’t recommend this enough if you happen to be in Seville!

On our very last morning we spent time exploring Plaza de España to some very moody weather.


We really enjoyed our time in Andalusia discovering Ronda and Seville with their fairy tale cobble streets and amazing architecture!

Have you ever been to either of these places? What did you love the most?


2 thoughts on “Magnificent Ronda & Seville

    1. Thank you for your lovely feedback! They’re amazing places and perfect for a winter city break when the flights are cheap but the weather is still warm and lovely over there.

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