Idyllic Cotswolds


For our anniversary I was treated to an amazing weekend getaway. I did’t know the destination until we arrived and to say I was surprised is an understatement. The venue is absolutely stunning and we spent our time there eating, relaxing at the spa and having drinks in the lovely garden.


The next morning after checkout we decided to explore a bit of Cotswolds. We decided to visit Castle Combe and Bibury simply because they were the ones I had heard the most about.

Our first stop was Castle Combe and it did not disappoint!

There is parking at the top of the hill¬† (where the coaches also stop in case you’ve booked a tour) and you ¬†have only a short walk through what looks like a tree tunnel.


The village is incredibly picturesque and it’s so perfect it feels like you are on a movie set.



Wherever you look there are beautiful cottages flowered in roses and wisteria.


And of course the Instagram famous bridge (so popular that it’s hard to get a shot without anyone walking by).

Castle Combe is a great spot for people watching, you’ll see tourists strolling and posing for pictures ,laughing and enjoying their holiday and locals going about their day to day lives looking mildly annoyed at all the commotion outside their houses.


We then got back in the car and drove through a scenic route passing other gorgeous Cotsowlds villages and the iconic English country side and arrived at our next destination, Bibury.

Whilst still as pretty as I’d expected, I was less impressed than with Castle Combe because it’s more spread out and has less of the magical feel of a small village.

We stopped at Arlington Row, the well-known street where the photo for the British passport was taken.


Then past the river admiring the houses once more, walking towards the centre where you can stop for fish and chips or local ice cream.



Unfortunately we didn’t have too much time to wander around so we headed back, passing other lovely houses and the main street with the shops and post office and jumped in the car for the drive back to London.



It was a magical weekend in an idyllic setting and it fired up our wish to discover more of England. We’re already dreaming of the next holiday in the Costwolds to spend a week just relaxing, going to the pub and on long walks.

Where do you like to go on holiday in England? Do you have any recommendations or favourite spots?



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